My Dating Gear – The dating apps I use to conquer the world

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Yeah!! Science Bitch!!
The human race is an amazing phenomenon, it has the knowledge, ingenuity and resources to create amazing pieces of technology… we could probably give every living person in the world a comfortable, self sustaining life…. nah.. let’s make a shit load of dating apps instead.

My Dating Apps

Thanks to that we have a lot of tech to choose from, here are mine in order of use:

Grindr: HaHaHa….. No

Tinder Match
Tinder: The Facebook of dating apps, or the Donald Trump of dating apps. Everyone knows about it, most of us are ashamed that we have it, and it has the worst reputation for “pussy grabbing” than any other dating app I’m aware of.
Why Tinder: Although Tinder has a reputation as “the hook up app”, It’s a good way to meet people without too much preparation. All you need are a couple of images of yourself and the time to swipe.
Download Tinder

bumble app
Bumble: Tinder for girls, or an effective way to unnecessarily raise your standards to an unhealthy level. Seriously, some of the people on this app wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of Fashion magazine. They could sneeze in a Tibetan cave and someone would hand them a tissue with their number on it, the sneeze echoes would be marriage proposals, you get the idea.
Why Bumble: Bumble is basically identical to its red flamed competitor but optimised for women. It’s designed to streamline the experience that Tinder provides, so you’ll get a lot less conversations here but hopefully more of the ones that might matter. You can’t run out of swipes either like you can on the Free version of Tinder.
Download Bumble

okcupid app
OKCupid: A more, conventional dating app. If you’re attracted to effort, want to know more about a potential date other than their height *rolls eyes* and want to find that amazing person whose moral compass won’t allow him to burn a country’s flag, then OKCupid might be the place for you.
Why OKCupid: OKCupid lets you dig a bit deeper and focuses more on a person’s personalities and interests than looks and all those 3rd world countries they’ve visited. You just have to find them.
Download OKCupid

plenty of fish app
Plenty of Fish: More like Plenty of Fakes. This app is littered with fake accounts, there are some real people in there, but good luck finding them underneath all the hot robots. Maybe I’m being a little harsh, Plenty of Fish has been around for a while and sadly I feel the system is a little dated when compared with the others. It’s wise to update the app regularly unless you like to be hit on by sexy robot people.
Why Plenty of Fish: ..Just Why…why is this app still on my phone
Download POF

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