Why You Should Create A Tinder Profile And Start Swiping?

  • tinder infographic
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Tinder is an online dating app. This app was released in 2012 and since then has risen to become the most popular of its kind. It now boasts one of the largest online dating user bases. Literally millions of people have installed this app and used it around the globe.

In terms of specific figures, Tinder has a reported 50 million active users and amasses billions of swipes per day, which is more than Match.com, one of the first dating services to exist, has managed to amass in several decades. If you want to try your hand at online dating, then Tinder should be your chosen platform! For those who have never heard of Tinder or do not know what it entails we have provided a brief description. Users can login and try to find romantic matches or just someone to chat with! Each user creates a profile which includes a profile pic, other photos, information such as employment and hobbies, and a brief biography. Once a user has completed this, she can start looking through the available matches in her regional area. If she likes what she sees, she can choose to swipe right – this means she likes the profile and wishes to chat with the person! If that person then swipes right on the user’s profile too, a chat link is established and from there anything can happen! A swipe left means no interest, and no further action is taken. This swiping feature is partly why Tinder has become so successful, and many people even have a swiping addiction! This app has revolutionised the way we date online. Many other companies have tried to create similar apps, but with lesser degrees of success. The infographic below provides some amazing stats and figures relating to the online dating phenomenon Tinder.

tinder infographic

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