Tinder/Bumble Castle of Cards 3 – Keep em talking and Popping the Question

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texting girls
Keep em talking: Now pay attention because this is important,the first hour or so when you match with a lucky lady and she’s paying so much attention you can practically hear her laughing to your jokes, is the perfect time to express how fun and interesting you are.

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To elaborate, you are expendable, a pawn in a game of tinder chess, you are currently one of perhaps four or more guys thats vying for her attention, and probably not the cutest. So here are a couple of things you can do to get her to pay attention to this castle of cards you’re trying to build with her:

  1. Ask questions
    I have it from a reliable source that a woman, depending on her interest, won’t reply to a message that doesn’t require a response. So add an interesting question when it feels like you’re coming to the end of a topic.
  2. Ask more questions
    Most people love to talk about themselves so try to learn more about her interests by digging for details from the answers to your questions, for example:

    Q: Do you get out of London much?

    A: I went to Budapest last week.

    Q: Oh, I’ve never been, was that for work or do you like to travel?

  3. Make her laugh
    Easier said than done I know but very important, making a woman belly laugh is probably one of the sexiest things you can do. This is much easier to do if she shares your weird sense of humour. Start light and work way up to the heavier stuff.
  4. Discuss hot topics
    It is February 2017 and the world is still reeling from the shit storm that was 2016, Brexit, Trump, Syria, Isis. Express your distaste for the travel ban, what you were doing when you saw the protest marches in London. Try to keep it light hearted and as upbeat as you can. Luckily everyone has an opinion so what’s hers.
  5. Flirt
    No I don’t mean bombard her with dick pics. Compliment her taste in clothes or her sense of humour. I’d stay away from body related compliments if the vibe isn’t there, you’ll come off sounding like a creep if she’s not that into you. Add emojis to your flirty messages, you’re probably thinking, “I’m a grown ass man” but emojis help set the tone as seen below:

    A: I’m going to get you

    B: I’m going to get you 😉

    Example B seems a little less like you’re going to lock her in your basement and feed her pork scratchings.

texting girls

Asking them out: I’ve heard a few lady friends agonise about why a certain dating interest hasn’t asked them out yet. I think it’s quite simple, ask them out the moment you’ve piqued their interest and when you feel the most connected, don’t play the waiting game. You can test the waters by throwing in a flirty suggestion such as “I wonder if you’re as fun to talk to in person”, then based on her response lean in for a day, time, beverage and planet. This can be achieved on the first day, the first hour, heck the first message, it all depends on how interested the other person is at that given time.

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