Rant of the week – is height important when dating?

  • does height matter when dating?
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So here’s something that the imaginative side of my mind understands but the logical side wants to set fire to. Is height important when dating? Let me summarise from both genders why this may be important, first:

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Does height matter for men?

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Men – men want a shorter woman possibly for the same reason they drive round in loud fancy cars, and swallow unnecessary amounts of beer. We wear our masculinity as a gold chain and rather it wasn’t undermined by a lady taller than we are. Perhaps the pressure to be an urban alpha male is so difficult to maintain that holding hands with a much taller woman is akin to screaming “EVERYTHING ABOUT ME IS BELOW AVERAGE!!” in a busy library.

Does height matter for women

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Women – This is just me spitballing as I am a terrible woman. Women perhaps want taller men because they don’t perceive shorter men as…. enough man. How can this smaller man protect me from harm, protect my children, provide for us when he can’t even reach the top shelf in Marks & Spencer’s. Or maybe it’s because a smaller male might make a lady feel less feminine, I have heard the comment “he’s too small he’ll make me feel huge” on several occasions.

So let’s summarise – Is height important when dating?

There is an overwhelming demand for men to be tall on dating apps, more so than what probably matters more, a full time job, humour, a good credit score. I ran a test on Tinder and included my glorious height of 5.6ft to see if this changes things, and as expected my match rate dropped significantly and when I did match one ladies response to my message was “I’m 5.10ft”. I’ve at times imagined how some dates would have gone if I was say 6ft, it’s amazing how much more attractive a man is considered when he’s taller. I once asked a friend, “would you be with your husband if he was shorter?”, her words “I probably wouldn’t have noticed him”.

Now it’s not all on the women, I’m sure men also find a woman undesirable because of height, but there isn’t so much of a spotlight on that fact and I may need to do some fact finding. Let’s not forget that there’s also always been a bunch of pressure on women to be slim, made up, dress well, wear heels etc. It’s never been easy for them either, though I hope in this day and age they have gained some well deserved freedom on that pressure.

To end. Yes. I’m pretty certain that the majority of women will judge a man based on his vertical triumph, but do the men?

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