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My First Time: Tinder was the first dating app I started with and as a complete rookie. It took me about a month to get my first date and I struck out on most of my matches for a while. It took a bunch of tweaking and testing to understand how best to interact with other users. It also majorly hit my self esteem with a large metaphorical spiky hammer made of pure rejection.That spiky hammer of rejection is now a much smaller mallet of pure rejection, still hurts though.

Online Dating Advice Part 1

My Advice: Dating in general requires thick skin and mental fortitude, Tinder and Bumble are free so the majority of users aren’t on there searching for companionship, they’re on there for the same reason people watched 2 girls 1 cup, FOMO and boredom …….and they’re horny. Most men swipe yes to everyone in order to maximize their chance for a booty call which in turn makes women extremely picky.

caste of cards - tinder image and profile
Pictures: Let’s talk pictures, for dudes it’s a good idea for the first and second picture to be a profile or full body photo. The full body photo should be taken by someone other than yourself and preferably in a natural situation, and as sexy as you might think it is to shove a topless photo of yourself in your parents bathroom, resist the temptation. This is because women tend to write a profile off from the first photo, if the first photo passes they’ll dig deeper to find a different reason to write you off. For the other photos they should show off your personality and interests, your fun side, avoid selfies.
The rules have a lot more slack for ladies, you could have a picture of yourself in the shower wearing a wedding dress and hugging a toaster and still get more matches than the average guy. So instead I’ll have a rant about what I hate seeing on profiles for women.

  1. When all your photos are group shots and I have to play where’s Waldo
  2. “Arty” profile photos featuring only hair or hands or an animal and lastly
  3. When every photo is a duck face selfie.

Part 2 – Conversation and Profile

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