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tinder subscription
So this is the first of a couple of experiments where I’m going to throw money at a few dating apps and see if they produce better results.

As most of you are aware, most dating apps are usable without the need to give them any of your hard earned gold,

the older generation of dating apps/websites use a less subtle approach and promise you a future filled with picture less avatars and cats for companionship unless you throw committal amounts of money at them.

I’m talking £25-£30 a month, seriously!! Think about the kind of services you can get these days with that kind of money, Amazon can send you packages in less than 24 hours for 6 months for less than it will cost you to find a suitable mate.

I digress as usual, so here’s why I think you should or shouldn’t pay for the services Tinder offers
What you get:
Tinder give you a couple of noticeable changes,

  1. Access to unlimited yes swipes
  2. The ability to undo nope swipes
  3. The option to hide your distance
  4. The ability to set your location to anywhere in the world
  5. And finally the access to 1 Tinder boost a week

tinder subscription

Why you should give Tinder your money

The most effective reasons to pay for Tinder in my opinion are for the ability to change your location, the unlimited swipes and the Tinder boost, the Tinder boost is black magic but I’ll get to that later.

Location change: Being able to change your location is awesome for a couple of reasons, let’s say you’re moving soon to the other side of the island and you want to get a handle of potential dates in that area before you get there, BOOM, just set your location and swipe away. Here’s a piece of useless data I found when I moved my location from north London (my home base), to central London and increased the distance preference to cover the majority of London. I noticed that I got a bunch more matches from south London, weird right?! Seems like I’m more of a delicacy in south London than I am in north London, go figure.

Tinder Boost: Okay now this is where the voodoo match shit starts to happen. Tinder boost gives you 30 minutes of swipe priority for the opposite sex, this means that you’ll show up for swiping almost immediately others start playing. It’s like being a celebrity that no one wants to talk to for half an hour. Why is this good? I guess it because some people don’t swipe for very long especially women, sometimes I get matched with a girl that for the life of me, I can’t remember ever swiping right to. So being at the top of the list means that you’ll get more matches much faster. I think this is much more beneficial for men that it is women though.

Unlimited swipes: So what the Tinder boost does is encourage you to make faster decisions when swiping as the more you swipe the more people will see you sooner. What can happen is your quick decisions may cause you to run out of free swipes before your boost is over (and yes you can run out of free swipes). This could be detrimental because fast decisions could mean poor judgement and that hot Thai girl you boost matched with could actually be a hot Thai lady boy….or maybe that’s your thing in which case kudos.

There is another option I considered, just buy boosts separately from a monthly Tinder subscription.

I feel like you get the most return from using the boosts as you get right in people’s faces without having to wait. You may use up all your swipes before the boost is over but they’ll be attention seeking swipes.

tinder subscription

Why you shouldn’t give Tinder more money

On the other hand, paying for Tinder is kinda like paying for grape scissors, you don’t really need to if you don’t mind getting some dirt on your fingers. You can get dates without paying for Tinder especially if you’re a lady, heck we can all get dates without being on Tinder at all. In addition even if you do pay to be placed right in front of your potentials, it doesn’t mean you’ll magically get matches, dates, dick or pussy, kinda like how I refuse to chew vegetarian bacon even if its shoved in my mouth.

Money + Tinder = Less Money

So yeah

And there you have it, paying for Tinder might give you that little boost you need to get quicker dates, but it could also turn you into a bit of a douche who swipes to get the most return. I’d say give the boost a try though if you’re feeling a bit impatient.

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