5 tips to help you date better when online dating

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Date Resolution
It’s 2018 and some of us are still single, considering the idea of dating, newly single or even written off the opposite sex completely.
Here are a 5 dating tips to help you the through whatever reason you tell yourself, maybe it’ll help, maybe it’ll make you laugh, maybe it’ll fill you with dread who knows.

Don’t take it personally

If you’re thinking about starting to date and you’re practically a date virgin there’s something you need to be aware of, you will get rejected and you may think it’s because you’re not good enough, or because you didn’t say or do the right thing like the mind reader you should be. The reality is a lot of the time it’s got nothing to do with you, what you said or the way you decided to wear your hair that day, some of the time the other person made up their mind even before they decided to meet you or sent their first “Hi” message.

We’re all in it for various delirious reasons so don’t let the dating demon tell you you’ve messed up when she wants to just be friends or he doesn’t want commitment right now. Sometimes it’s really not about you.

Dive in

Date Resolution
Go mad, go wild, date slow, date fast, go on a rampage, be super picky. At the end of the day dating is an experience that can help you figure out what you want or can feasibly get from another person as well as toughen you up for the minefield that is relationships. Ultimately the more you do it, the better you’ll get, I mean so long as you learn that inviting yourself over before a first date might make you look like a serial killer. It might seem incredibly daunting and time consuming but until amazon start delivering flings and long term commitments to our doorstep via laser targeted cranes it’s the current way to go.

Love yourself

Put yourself before your dates. Priorities your happiness over a date you barely know, this is hard especially if you’re a genuinely good person who carries legitimate good intentions, I salute you. You are a rare species in this dangerous world, now stop it before someone skins you and sells your pelt on eBay. There are many situations where we make excuses for our current interest, “they’re probably busy at work”, “they’re probably with friends”, “I’ll just give them some space for a bit, then they’ll come around”.

Know your value, don’t give time and mental space to someone who can’t be bothered to respond to you while they’re on the shitter. No one’s busy on the shitter.

Find your poison

Date Resolution
By poison I mean preferred method to getting dates, might not even involve technology. Maybe you’re one of those awesome people that picks up a date in the ice cream section or gets a pocket full of numbers from a night shift, or you know… swipes right once a night. Whatever your poison is find the one that makes you feel the least sick afterwards and get better at it. You’ll be able to tell the diamonds in the rough from the crap in the trenches, at first they look oh so similar don’t they. There’s no wrong way to meet people, just some methods have less creeps and stalkers in it. Unless creeps and stalkers are what you’re into.

Don’t be a Lannister from Date of Thrones

I have to admit, dating makes you a little pessimistic, kinda unforgiving and a bit of a dick. More open to the idea of back stabs, betrayal and picking on the short guy because that’s the world we live in. Ghosting is expected, dick pics are common place, the world is a brothel and Tinder is the Little Finger in the King’s Landing of our minds.

I suppose if this is what you’re into then that’s fine but let’s try not to treat the nice ones like King Geoffrey treats prostitutes.

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