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Hello dear reader and welcome to Diary of a wannabe fuck boy, my blog about dating… well… actually allow me to rephrase. My very casual blog about my experience OF dating, this is by no means a 3 part course to find “the one” or a how to get random women to agree to a threesome, or a place for me to gloat about how well I “slay”. It is merely a “safe” haven where I can share my thoughts and opinions about dating as well as the results of my toil and effort from a guy’s point of view. If, dear reader, you feel I have educated you in any way… then whoop.. bonus points.

Unsure about what a fuck boy is? Heres Urban Dictionary’s take.

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Why it's okay it didn't work out

Should you try Hinge dating App

Should you try The Hinge dating app

There’s a new(ish) dating app in town, (It’s actually like 7 years old). It’s for some reason called Hinge and it’s actually not half bad. And by not bad I mean it’s given my self esteem a well earned stretch mostly because I’m getting consistent matches,

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First date locations: Basement State

basement state
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Basement State

Do you like desserts with strange names? Yes? Do you like alcoholic cocktails made by a guy with a moustache like he’s going to tie a woman to a train track? Yes? (more…)

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