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Hello dear reader and welcome to Diary of a wannabe fuck boy, my blog about dating… well… actually allow me to rephrase. My very casual blog about my experience OF dating, this is by no means a 3 part course to find “the one” or a how to get random women to agree to a threesome, or a place for me to gloat about how well I “slay”. It is merely a “safe” haven where I can share my thoughts and opinions about dating as well as the results of my toil and effort from a guy’s point of view. If, dear reader, you feel I have educated you in any way… then whoop.. bonus points.

Unsure about what a fuck boy is? Heres Urban Dictionary’s take.

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corona virus

5 ways to date during the Corona virus pandemic

This is probably one of the many thousand of articles about the corona virus you’ve subjected you’re poor browser and brain to… your internet history is probably days away from face masks being advertised on your smart ads. But is it the first article you’ve bumped into about dating during an epidemic like the corona virus… no.. well thanks for sticking around anyway.

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Why it's okay it didn't work out

Should you try Hinge dating App

Should you try The Hinge dating app

There’s a new(ish) dating app in town, (It’s actually like 7 years old). It’s for some reason called Hinge and it’s actually not half bad. And by not bad I mean it’s given my self esteem a well earned stretch mostly because I’m getting consistent matches,

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First date locations: Basement State

basement state
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Basement State

Do you like desserts with strange names? Yes? Do you like alcoholic cocktails made by a guy with a moustache like he’s going to tie a woman to a train track? Yes? (more…)

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